Nomination of arbitrators/experts

Where the contract so provides, or if the parties so agree at the time when a dispute arises, the CCIG shall act as appointing authority.

For appointment of arbitrators, the CCIG requires a recommendation from its Arbitration Committee, composed of practising arbitration lawyers.

For each appointment of an arbitrator or arbitrators under the Rules of the Swiss Chambers‘ Arbitration Institution (“SCAI”) as Appointing Authority in UNCITRAL or other Ad Hoc Arbitration Proceedings, the CCIG charges a fee of CHF 4500.- and administrative costs not exceeding CHF 10 000.-.

For the appointment of experts, the President of the CCIG will refer to the official list of experts and will rely on the advice of members of the Board of the Chamber, who are experienced in the field concerned.

For each appointment of an expert or experts, the CCIG will charge a fee of CHF 1500.- and administrative costs not exceeding CHF 5000.-.