Humanizing Development: A Case for Public Private Collaboration

  • Wednesday 17 October 2018 08:30-17:00
  • FER, rue de St-Jean 98, Genève
  • Organisation : EU Business School


EU Business School has hosted a successful series of seminars on the topic of Leadership to examine how robots, blockchain, and artificial intelligence present unique challenges to leadership that only humanity can conquer. What implications could this approach have for development?   

 In this fourth seminar on the topic of Leadership, a forum of statesmen, diplomats, CEOs and thought leaders will try and answer the question of whether humanizing development could solve issues as fundamental as sustainability, health, food, water and education.  

 What are the five solutions that can be developed when private entrepreneurial and public collectivities  partner up?    

 Participate in this forum, and contribute to the research panels. The program is designed to provide insight into what triggers successful development, allows participants to network with leading actors, and examines interactive solutions at a time when all stakeholders need to join in.     

Program and registration

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