Management and staff

, CEO, surrounded by , Deputy Executive Director/International Affairs and Arbitration, and by , Deputy Director/General Policy and Administration (left), as well as by , Member of the Board of Directors/Communications, and by , Member of the Board of Directors/General Policy and Political Campaigns (right).

Executive Committee :
Personal Assistant :
Political assistant :
Accounting :
Membership and Sponsorship : , in charge, and

International Affairs, Arbitration and Mediation :
Assistant : 

Arbitration and mediation

Secretariat of the Arbitration Court
Senior Legal Counsel :
Assistant :

General policy and administration :
Political Assistant :  
Support services : and

General Policy and Political Campaigns :
Political Assistant : 

Communications : 
Communications officers :
Stagiaire MP3+1 :

Services to the public

Export Department : , Head
, ,

Member relations and information : (morning),  (afternoon)

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