The framework conditions

The CCIG focuses on four framework conditions that make Geneva a business-friendly location:


  • Urban planning

    On the one hand companies need premises at an affordable cost in well equipped zones and on the other, the Canton must be able to provide accommodation for a larger proportion of its working population (Issue manager: Charles Lassauce);
  • Energy

    Essential to industrial production, its availability and cost play a major role in the competitiveness of companies (Issue manager: Nathalie Hardyn).

  • Fiscal policy

    A competitive tax rate encourages entrepreneurial boldness; with financial resources available to them, companies invest and create jobs (Issue manager: Charles Lassauce) ;
  • Mobility

    An essential condition for all commercial transactions. Poor mobility increases costs to businesses as well as to individuals (Issue manager: Nathalie Hardyn) .

In addition to these key areas, the Chamber monitors and is active in the following areas :

  • Banking and finance
  • Retail
  • International trade
  • Sustainable development
  • Employment and training
  • Environment
  • Public finance
  • Housing policy
  • Tourism
  • Air transportation