High-Impact Training Programme for Professionals

Published on 10/03/2021
Enhance your professionalism with the key skills and techniques needed to succeed in the world of independent Wealth & Family Office Services.
For the professionals who are experiencing and facing uncertainty in their careers... A 12-week coach assisted training programme that will build on your existing skills to give you the confidence and support to: - Go for that new job or opportunity and increase your income - Acquire new higher-margin clients - Provide new high-value services to your current clients - Market new high-value services - Really protect your clients against the bullshit system - Boost your career to the next level Client Testimonial We are a family investment company in Israel. Training more professionals to support families and private clients will benefit offices like ours. The initiative to share the knowledge and experience on a broader scale can only help in wealth creation and protection and we wish them all the best in this project.

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