How to develop and manage a sustainable corporate brand

Published on 17/01/2024
Capital Communications aims to help companies and financial service providers create an effecive ESG framework and communicate their sustainability achievements effectively
Capital Communications with 25+ years experience in financial and corporate communications, an expert in sustainability communications and branding offers the following services to members: advice and support to create and manage an effective ESG framework, communications support in launching green financial products, communicating sustainability efforts and achievements while avoiding greenwashing, advice and support on CSRD reporting, communicating SDG-related issues, crisis communications and sustainable branding. These services form an integral part of Capital Communications' Impact Branding" offering to interested companies. If interested in any of these or related services, please get back to us. We’d happy to discuss details with you. Please contact: dr. Gábor Hegyi,, mobile: +36309329846 or Paul Mackintosh,, mobile: +41794638645.

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