Sustainability Priorities for Businesses - Webinar

Published on 04/04/2024
Capital Communications and Covalence SA are hosting a webinar "Sustainability Priorities for Businesses in 2024: An Interactive Webinar Workshop" at 10am on 18 April, Thursday
The webinar will cover all important areas of business where sustainability should be made a top priority: Strategy, Action, Communications and Recognition/Measurement. Amongst growing stakeholder expectations and new regulations, the time has come for companies to walk the talk on sustainability. Antoine Mach, Managing Partner, Covalence SA and Paul Mackintosh, Senior Advisor for Capital Communications will brief participants on these key issues facing businesses in 2024, followed by a Q&A session. Guest speaker, Kali Taylor, Managing Director, Sustainable Finance Geneva, will cover investor's expectations regarding sustainability. The webinar will be conducted in French and English. You can register here: https:/

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