Treatment of the Century for Prostate Problems

Published on 15/08/2021
Odyliresin-18 Extract is available to all pharmacies doing officinalis preparations. Odyliresin-18 is formulated with newly discovered alkaloids Celosiadines A and B.
Dr. C.G. Killian et al,, Dr. N.P. Seeram, tutor, University of Rhode Island have accomplished a titanic 10-year research with awesome discovery. Dr. D. Porru, University of Pavia, is the first to carry out a pilot study on BPH. The males will now have access to Odyliresin-18 unique effectiveness without any secondary problems. As a daughter of the original discoverer Efrain Contreras, and owner of PARAPHARM SARL, I'm grateful to Switzerland in general and to so many visionary individuals that helped me during a long, even perilous journey, that is now writing my parents' names in the history of modern medicine forever. PARAPHARM SARL is on the path to the ultimate goal, which is to fulfill all protocols to official certification of Odyliresin-18 as a medicine the world over. We are at your disposal to give you any other information that you may need.

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